Financial Assistance

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Our Goal 

The goal of the CFA is to help alleviate financial burdens, stress, and anxiety associated with the daily challenges of CF by providing financial support through the Direct Dollar Disbursement ("DDD") Program.

Coverable Expenses

  1. Reimbursement relief for medical insurance deductibles,
  2. The copay for CF prescriptions,
  3. The copay of CF medical appointments and hospitalization,
  4. Evidence of treatment, at an eligible CF treatment center, is reimbursable at $250per round-trip,
  5. The CFA provides cash assistance of $599 per year, on a quarterly for incidental CF-related needs not coverable through medical insurance,
  6. Additional funds are available for CF-related expenses through the "special request" relief program.

Available benefits to a caregiver with the hospitalization of a CF patient are:

  1. The caregiver may submit original meal receipts for $50 per day up to 14 days.
  2. A caregiver who wishes to stay with the patient may submit reimbursement for a hotel room up to 14 days per hospital stay.