Grants and Scholarships

Our Scholarship Program

Scholarship Policy - With advancements in research, medicines, and treatments, people are living longer with CF and have a better quality life. The CFA celebrates these achievements with grant scholarships, to qualified recipients, who are eligible under the CFA DDD Policy.  Visit Website >

Abington Crest Nursing Scholarship

Offers a "no essay" scholarship for $2000.  Visit Website >

AbbVie CF Scholarship

Forty awards of $2500 will be provided to CF individuals attending an accrediting university. Scholarships will be selected based on their academic record and extracurricular activities, essay and creative presentation. Visit Website >

Bonnell Foundation Marge Carmona Education Scholarships

This scholarship provides up to $2500 in funds for high achieving CF individuals attending undergraduate institutions. Visit Website >

Boomer Esiason Foundation General Academic Scholarships

Scholarships between $500-$2500 are awarded to assist CF individuals pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Grants are awarded quarterly on the basis of demonstrated need and academic accomplishment. Visit Website >

CF Lifestyle Foundation

Provides up to $500 recreation grants to CF individuals to defray costs of exercise activities. Visit Website >

CF Scholarship Foundation

Scholarships up to $1000 for students with CF enrolling in an undergraduate college program or a vocational school in the fall. Visit Website >

The Elizabeth Nash Foundation Scholarship Program

Scholarships are awarded to CF individuals on the basis of demonstrated need and accomplishment, both academic and other. Visit Website >